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The more ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ a post receives within the first few minutes of posting, the better it performs, right?

So if there was a way to ensure your posts received more genuine ‘likes’ and ‘comments’, quickly, you’d use it, yes?

Well, good news:

Instagram Engagement ‘Pods’ are a thing. And they do just that.

Think of it this way:

Basically you’re banding together with other content-creators to play Instagram’s algorithm to your collective advantage. It’s not a hack. It’s not a cheat. And It’s not underhand or shady. It’s a simple, legitimate way to ensure your posts are seen by more people who actually want to see them.

Gretta 👑

So, what are ‘Pods’?

Pods are private groups of like-minded content creators (with similar audiences) that mutually engage with each other to drive meaningful, organic growth. 

And how do ‘Pods’ work?

You publish a post on Instagram and share it with members of your Pod’ who then like’ it and leave genuine comments’, boosting performance and increasing the likelihood it’ll go viral (by featuring on the explore’ page and in the top postsfor hashtags), thereby making it possible for small groups of content-creators to generate far higher levels of engagement, i.e. from little things, big things grow.” 

Typically, these ‘Pods’ live on chat apps like Telegram, Kik, WhatsApp, and Instagram direct message. And honestly, to date, they’ve served people pretty well (me being one of those people).

But we’ve always thought a purpose-built platform would serve people better (again, me being one of those people).

So we made one.

Introducing Hey Engage – The world’s first pod discovery and management platform. 

Designed to help you connect with like-minded content-creators. Built to make driving meaningful engagement and organic growth faster and easier.

Ready now.

You can sign up here. 
And together we can get this little platform to do big things for all of us.

Love (+likes),

👑  of Hey