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By now we all know the difference early ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ make to the success of a post. So if there was another way to increase early engagement, you’d use it, right?

Well, good news: there is.

It’s a feature called…

Instagram Saves.



Look at your ‘post analytics’ and you’ll see this equation:

Engagement = Likes + Comments + Saves.

Meaning, according to Instagram’s algorithm, ‘Saves’ count towards engagement.

There are, of course, plenty of other factors that contribute to a post’s success, including post views, video views, shares (via direct message), story views, live video views and overall post stay time. But they’re a discussion for another day.

For now, let’s focus on upping your ‘save’ count with a couple of quick hacks.

Note: Before we go any further let’s clear up what we mean by ‘hack’ here, because when we say ‘hack’ we don’t mean scamming the system or playing dirty, we simply mean:

A more efficient method of doing something.


Nothing shady. Simply a better way of doing things.
In this case: organic growth.

Now then, the hacks.


Hack #1:
Tell people to ‘save’ your post. 


Sounds obvious (and almost too easy) but believe me when I tell you that including something along the lines of “save for later” in your CTA (Call To Action) works.

Below is a SkinnyMe Tea post where we did exactly that☝🏼

Note how clear the the ⭐️ SAVE FOR LATER ⭐️ CTA is (bottom left). Then note the difference it made to engagement (bottom right).

We average 50 ‘saves’ per post.
Meaning that ⭐️ SAVE FOR LATER ⭐️  CTA upped our ‘saves’ by 2100%.
We also got 20,000 more impressions than usual.
All of which adds up to more reach👌


Hack #2:
Tell your pod to ‘save’ your post, too.  


Not part of a pod?
Visit Hey Engage to start or join one.
Or find out more here.

Got pod?
Simply ask them to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ AND ‘save’ your post (see below).

(Screenshot from Hey Engage)

Keep track of your results by creating a ‘Collection’ (see my #heypodsquad example below👇🏼).

And there you have it!
Two simple ‘Save’ hacks that’ll increase engagement whilst improving your reach and organic growth, too.

Now, it’s you turn 😉

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Love (+ likes),


Founder at Hey