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If you’ve ever sourced images from Instagram with an eye towards reusing them across other platforms and media then you’ll know how time-consuming finding high-res versions can be. And also, how saving those files often involves the Internet equivalent of Catherine Zeta navigating that laser-room in Entrapment.

If you haven’t, then lucky you, because we’re about to save all y’all some trouble.  


Via this clever bit of coding from my friends at Love + Money that makes downloading the highest-res version of an image this easy:

  1. Find an image you like. 
  2. Copy and paste its URL here.
  3. Save it.

👀 See here 👇🏽


That’s it. You’re done. 

And now, instead of settling for the sh*tty-bitty screenshot quality (below left), you’re able to enjoy the crisp-clarity of full-spec photos (below right). 

Screenshot from Instagram vs saved image from Love + Money:

Love (+likes),

👑  of Hey